29. Januar 2009

Stellenausschreibung - Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Central European University, Budapest

Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.Bewerbungsschluss: 27.02.2009..Assistant/Associate Professor, Jewish Studies. .Jewish Studies at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary,.invites applications for a full-time position in Jewish Thought and.Culture at the rank of assistant or associate professor (depending on.experience). The candidate should be a specialist in Jewish thought and.culture in modern times, with an ability to offer introductory courses.in early modern and Medieval Jewish thought. We will also consider.specialists in Medieval Jewish thought who can teach courses in modern.Jewish thought for the students of the History Department and the.Nationalism Studies Program. ..The successful candidate should have a demonstrated potential for.high-level research and publication, and a Ph.D. in history (or other.relevant fields). The position will be in the School of History and.Interdisciplinary Studies, with 12 teaching credits spread among the.History Department (4 credits), the Medieval Studies Department (4.credits) and the Nationalism Studies Program (4 credits). In addition to.teaching, the successful candidate will supervise M.A. theses and Ph.D..dissertations and help develop the Jewish Studies Program (through.regional research initiatives, cooperation with other Jewish Studies.programs, student recruitment, and fundraising). The initial contract.is for four years, with a possible long-term renewal. .The Central European University (CEU) is a graduate research-intensive.university accredited in both the US and Hungary. The language of.instruction is English. Please visit the CEU website (www.ceu.hu) for.more information about the university and department. ..Direct applications to the Rector of CEU, c/o Erika Belko, Human.Resources Office, Central European University, H-1051 Budapest, Nádor u..9, Hungary (Fax: + 36 1 235-6135, e-mail: applications@ceu.hu). Please.include a CV and research paper, and arrange for three letters of.recommendation to be sent to the same address. The application deadline.is February 27, 2009, although late applications may also be.considered..CEU is an equal opportunity employer...

Central European University, Budapest
Tel.: + 36 1 235-6135
eMail: applications@ceu.hu
Homepage: www.ceu.hu/jewishstudies