History of Objects

The collection portal Memorial Museums-digital

The collection portal Memorial Museums-digital was initiated in June 2020 by the memorial department and Dr Stefan Rohde-Enslin (Institute for Museum Research - National Museums of Berlin) with the goal of providing a platform for the objects and collections housed at the memorial museums. Collections are elementary components of memorial museums. However, their digital representation - despite their importance - is currently limited to information on social media and occasionally on memorial museums’ websites.

The platform Memorial Museums-digital is intended to highlight the objects and the collections while offering institutions the opportunity to organise their collections digitally and publish them as needed at no cost. The platform can also be used for the external presentation of the institutions. Its functions are to be further developed on a continual basis.

In July 2020, the memorial department put together a handout for interested memorial institutions to help them learn more about Memorial Museums-digital. Initial questions are answered here.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact: gedenkstaettenforum(at)topographie.de.


The Basis: Museum-digital

museum-digital is a free database that allows museums to inventory their collections and also make them available to a broad public via the Internet. Currently, more than 770 museums with over 570,000 objects in more than 4,000 collections are publicly represented.

A special feature is the storytelling format used to present the objects. It conveys basic information about the object, as well as origin and use. The history of the objects can be used to vividly convey the history of the sites.