Memorial Museums Overview

The Memorial Museums Overview lists nearly 300 memorial museums and documentation sites as well as places of remembrance that provide information about crimes committed by the Nazi regime at historical sites in Germany and that commemorate the various groups of victims. This makes the Memorial Museums Overview the most comprehensive overview of the German memorial museums landscape. It also lists 450 important sites abroad.

The purpose of this overview is to present the tasks and activities of the listed institutions, as well as to highlight focal points that arise from different historical contexts or regional characteristics.

The memorial museums landscape in Germany is decentralised. This is already evident at the first glance at the map.

The individual memorial museums are assigned to historical crime complexes in the memorial museums overview. For reasons of clarity, a maximum of two thematic complexes per institution are listed. A visit to the respective linked memorial website usually provides a more complete picture.

In addition to Germany, the overview also provides information about the international memorial museums landscape. The sites presented are limited to the most important ones in Europe and the world; a total of 450 institutions and monuments are listed.

There are other overviews that also include monuments or are more regionally oriented. These are listed in a separate overview.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about individual memorial museums in the memorial museums overview, please contact us.

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