14. November 2002

The Mark and Gail Appel Program in Holocaust and Antiracism Education - "Learning from the Past, Teaching for the Future"-


an initiative of The Centre for Jewish Studies and The Canadian Centre for German and European Studies at York University in Toronto, Canada. Its name recognizes the generosity of Mark and Gail Appel of Toronto, with whose support we can now enter Phase II (2003-2004) of the project and be assured of the ability to continue into Phase III (2005-2006)...The project brings together Canadian university students and fellow students from Germany and Poland, to explore how best to counter racism — including antisemitism — through teaching about the Holocaust. It also involves experts and members of the broader public in all three countries...At the heart of the project's Phase II are two periods of intensive collaborative work and exploration. The first is three-and-one-half weeks of Field Study in Germany and Poland scheduled for the summer of 2003. The second, a ten-day follow-up Symposium in Toronto, is scheduled for February 2004. Thanks to the generosity of the Appels, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Baden-Württemberg Office for Political Education, the Topography of Terror Foundation, the Department of Canadian Heritage, York University and its partner institutions in Germany and Poland, and private donors, we are able to offer scholarships to all student participants who demonstrate financial need...This website introduces the project’s goals, approaches, program, coordinators, and individual and institutional partners. It answers common questions and explains who can participate and how to apply. ..Once students are selected to participate in the 2003-2004 project cycle, the website will offer a section for those participants. It also offers a section for our "alumns," the twenty students who participated in 2001-2002...Learning from the Past, Teaching for the Future is a cooperative and collaborative initiative of many individuals and institutions. We are particularly grateful to our colleagues at the institutions participating in Phase II of the project: The Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan; Baden-Württemberg Office for Political Education, Stuttgart; Catholic Theological Faculty, University of Tübingen; Pedagogical University of Freiburg im Breisgau; Pedagogical University of Kraków; University of Konstanz; University of Montréal; and York University (Toronto).. .

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