2. Februar 2011

"La Shoah en Europe"


In agreement with the Austrian delegation to the Task Force, please let me inform you that the Austrian Ministry of Education and the Austrian Fund are currently translating into German the Shoah Memorial's travelling exhibition "La Shoah en Europe". This 27-panel exhibition proposes a global overview of the genocide and is destined mostly to schools, local museums and public buildings. It does not focus on a particular country but panels dealing with national situations can be added according to the wish of the host country (this is the case in Italy and Poland for instance). For your information, apart from France, the exhibition is shown in several languages in January at Unesco (Paris) and in Moscow, Bologna, Mexico, Bujumbura, Vienna, Dakar and Manila.

Should you be interested in making a copy of the exhibition for your own country, and keep it so it can travel within your own borders, please do not hesitate to contact me. I attach the files in English for your information (large and small additional panels). This can be advantageous for you as the costs of such an operation are very low even if you add a couple of panels or adapt some passages (I can send you a budget), and also because there exist no such exhibition dealing with the Holocaust from a global, European point of view.


The same is valid for the French version of course, most of you being also francophone. On other languages of your countries: (B) there is no Flemish version but we could work on it; (CH) the Italian version exists already and will be presented for the first time this month.

Karel Fracapane

Responsable des Relations Internationales


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