1. Januar 2019

IHRA Grant Strategy

Rubrik: Forschung und Projekte


In order to strengthen the collective impact of its work, internally and externally, the IHRA has

committed to a new Grant Strategy that aligns with the organizational strategy adopted at the end

of 2017.

The IHRA recognizes more than ever the need for a fact-based approach to the history with which it is concerned.

Accordingly, the IHRA Grant Strategy will favour projects which aim to safeguard the historical

record (including sites, testimony and archival materials) of the Holocaust and the genocide of the

Roma andwhich counter distortion. The IHRA Member Countries consider these thematic focuses

to be of particular relevance and core concern to our societies at present.

Program 1:

Safeguarding the record of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma.

Program 2 :  Countering  Distortion

Applications must be received by 31 January.

Further information: