4. November 2019

Opening of the 2020 Grant Call for applications and Appointment of external experts to the Grant Review Committee

Rubrik: Forschung und Projekte

Dear Colleagues,

In my capacity as Chair of the Grant Review Committee, may I solicit your help on two fronts: a) the opening of the grant call for applications and b) suggestions by member countries for external experts to serve on the Grant Review Committee in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022.

a. Opening of the 2020 Grant Call for applications

I am pleased to announce that the grant call for applications is now open, and I appeal for your immediate help in promoting and advertising this call in your countries and appropriate organisations and institutions.

It is clear that, in order to strengthen the collective impact of IHRA's work in our chosen two priority areas, our efforts need to extend to both IHRA-affiliated and non-affiliated institutions. Through our grant-giving, IHRA helps to increase our capacity in the field to build a more complete historical record of the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma, or develop more effective and meaningful ways to prevent and counter distortion. The different approaches of the bodies we work with are certainly diverse; they complement IHRA's internal work and contribute to a rich variety of good practices to be developed and shared.

I therefore ask that all member countries and delegates' institutions help in circulating the news of the opening of the grant call. I also encourage IHRA delegates to emphasize the excellent opportunities on offer through this programme and to explore the possibilities of wider multilateral cooperation within and beyond this network. I recommend reaching out to institutions that may not so far have been able to benefit from this unique international alliance. Please note that while IHRA funds are limited, it is not necessarily the goal of the IHRA to receive a high number of applications, but rather proposals which fit appropriately with IHRA's policy agenda. Your access in-country to knowledge of where such expertise exists is highly appreciated.

Proposals can be submitted via the online application system up until 24 January 2020. Applicants need to register and fill out the project summary and budget section however by 10 January 2020.

The IHRA grant guidelines and more information about the application process can be found online. Please also look out for and share information posted on IHRA's social media channels. For more insight on what has been funded under last year's call for applications, please also refer to the recently created overview of grant projects in 2019.

In accordance with this year's Grant Review Committee report given by the IHRA Chair to the Plenary in Mondorf, I should like to remind Heads of Delegations as well as IHRA delegates to refrain from submitting letters of recommendation to IHRA for particular projects: each proposal should stand on its own merits and we want to preserve impartiality.

b. Appointment of external experts to the Grant Review Committee

According to our grant rules and procedures, the Grant Review Committee consists both of expert representatives from Working Groups as well as external experts. While the representatives from the Working Groups are recommended by their colleagues, it is the member countries' privilege to suggest external experts from their country to serve on the Grant Review Committee. I would ask all Heads of Delegations to make suggestions for external experts by 17 October 2019 via email. You should attach a CV of the candidates and confirm their availability to review grant applications throughout February each year and attend a meeting of the Grant Review Committee that usually takes place in March. Out of the suggestions received, a total number of three external experts will be nominated at the Luxembourg Plenary in December, for a period of three years.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to be in contact with Program Officer Rosvita Krajinovic at the Permanent Office (rkrajinovic@holocaustremembrance.com). She will consult me as necessary.

I look forward to receiving your suggestions for external experts,

Yours sincerely,

Sir Andrew Burns

Chair of the Grant Review Committee