4. März 2019

The Memorial Museum in the Digital Age

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Victoria Grace Walden

The Memorial Museum in the Digital Age will be the first comprehensive review of thinking and practice related to the effects and affects of the digital for memorial museums. This type of commemorative and educational space has traditionally contained object-heavy displays to stand-in for people, cultures and things that have been destroyed. Whilst some critics believe that such exhibitions help provide a tangible ‘bridge between past and present’ (Joanne Hansen-Glucklich 2014) with objects, others have argued that they create ‘the illusion of simultaneity’ (Andrew Hoskins 2003), i.e. as if we can experience the past in the now. As Paul Williams (2007) contests, objects in the memorial museum can only ever point to the absent.

This edited collection seeks to interrogate the impact the introduction of digital practices has had on these traditionally object-heavy spaces.

Call for Contributors E-book: The Memorial Museum in the Digital Age