21. Juni 2018

The Nazi Concentration Camps - A teaching and learning resource

Rubrik: Forschung und Projekte

A major website, The Nazi Concentration Camps. A teaching and learning resource [www.camps.bbk.ac.uk], developed by University of London Professor Nikolaus Wachsmann (author of KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps), provides teachers and students with unprecedented access to historical sources and survivor testimonies. Developed in collaboration with the Centre for Holocaust Education, the free website contains over 120 translated documents that shed light on key themes such as perpetrators, prisoner relations and resistance. Drawing on the latest academic scholarship, the site also includes historical surveys, maps, timelines and teaching aids. Providing personal and direct insights, the site features some two dozen film and audio testimonies by survivors, including rare early post-war accounts from 1946; it also includes a covertly recorded interview with a former Auschwitz SS man.

Here you can visit the website