The Jews, the Holocaust, and the Public

Allwork, Larissa ; Pistol, Rachel
The Legacies of David Cesarani

This book explores the work and legacy of Professor David Cesarani OBE, a leading British scholar and expert on Jewish history who helped to shape Holocaust research, remembrance and education in the UK. It is a unique combination of chapters produced by researchers, curators and commemoration activists who either worked with and/or were taught by the late Cesarani. The chapters in this collection consider the legacies of Cesarani’s contribution to the discipline of history and the practice of public history. The contributors offer reflections on Cesarani’s approach and provide new insights into the study of Anglo-Jewish history, immigrants and minorities and the history and public legacies of the Holocaust.


Larissa Allwork is a Researcher in Impact at The University of Derby, UK. She is the author of Holocaust Remembrance between the National and the Transnational: The Stockholm International Forum and the First Decade of the International Task Force (2015). She has taught the history of the Holocaust at the University of Northampton, the University of Leicester and Loughborough University.


Rachel Pistol is a Researcher at King’s College London, UK on the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI). Her first book, Internment During the Second World War: A Comparative Study of Great Britain and the USA, was published in 2017. She has appeared on BBC TV and radio, Sky News, and has written articles that have appeared in Newsweek and The Independent.