4. Oktober 2015 , 19:00 Uhr

CBS News "60 Minutes" Segment on Father Desbois & YIU


We are excited to announce that CBS News has produced a segment featuring Father Desbois and Yahad-In Unum on 60 Minutes that will air Sunday, October 4 at 7:00PM EST.


Please share widely and set your DVRs!


The full episode will be available after the airing at:



CBS News 60 Minutes presents the segment:


Today, Nazi extermination camps like Auschwitz have been marked and memorialized. But what is far less known is that more than two million Jewish victims of the Holocaust were murdered in mass shootings throughout the former Soviet Union by Nazi killing units; their remains buried in mostly hidden, unmarked mass graves. One man has devoted his life to finding them. His name is Father Patrick Desbois. And in 2004, he and his organization, Yahad-In Unum, began gathering evidence of the crime and tracking down eyewitnesses to these atrocities, searching for the last people who know where the dead are buried. Seventy years after Hitler's Final Solution to kill every Jew on the planet, 60 Minutes reports on a little known chapter of the Holocaust.


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