22. November 2010 - 1. Dezember 2010
Tagung / Seminar / Workshop

Cultures of remembering and historiographies compared


Wrocław in Poland and Lviv in Ukraine are two cities where German, Polish, Ukrainian and Israeli/Jewish history meet. The tyrannies of the National Socialism and Communism had great impact on the lives of millions of people all over Europe. The consequences of the crimes against humanity, the war and the devastation reach up to the present day. 

The main interest during the project will be to see how the different German, Polish, Ukrainian and Israeli societies handle the memories of people who suffered from the war and the shift of borders of 1945 back then and today. What are the differences in the cultural memories and how could the four nations approach? 

A group of 32 university students from Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Israel will go on an expedition to Wrocław and Lviv to trace back the history of these two cities before WW II and the shift of borders in 1945 which made them change nationality and therefore identity.

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Wroclaw und Lviv, Polen


Kreisau-Initiative Berlin e.V.