3. November 2015 - 11. November 2015
Tagung / Seminar / Workshop

Internationales Studienseminar: Justice without Reconciliation? War crimes and war crime trials in Europe


If you are studying or have graduated some discipline related to history, political sciences or law studies; if you are an activist in the field of human rights if you are interested in the topic of war crimes and reconciliation in Europe as well as international law; apply for the program “Justice without Reconciliation”

About the Program:

Throughout 2015 and 2016 the Program „Justice without reconciliation“ will gather a group of five participants from France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia. The overall aim of the program is to explore and discuss the question of war crimes and war crime trials in the four countries, and especially their role in postwar-reconciliation processes.

The first seminar in Dachau (Germany) and The Hague (Netherlands) will take place from 3rd to 11th of November 2015. It will deal with the topics of crimes committed by the German National Socialists during World War II and their impact on societies; the development of international and national criminal law; the establishment and the role of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia for the reconciliation in the South Eastern Europe. During this stage participants will visit the institutions and organizations active in the field of transitional justice after World War II and break-up wars in former Yugoslavia.

The second phase of project will be held in France in 2016 and the third phase in Serbia and Kosovo.

  • Who is eligible to apply:
  • Students or graduates in the field of history, political sciences, law studies and other social and humanistic sciences
  • Young people interested in human rights
  • Young journalists

Applicants should not be older than 30. They have to be fluent in English and to be ready to participate in all three phases of the program.

Deadline for submission of applications:

Three questions related to the program topics that define applicant’s particular interest for participation in the program. Deadline is Oktober 15th, 2015.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information via

Program expenses:

Participation fee is 100/50 euro per each phase of program. The organizers will cover the costs for accommodation, meals and other program expenses, and will reimburse the travel costs.

This is a joint project by ALTEA France, Community Building Mitrovica, Humanitarian Law Centre Prishtina, Max Mannheimer Study Centre, OFAJ and the YiHR Belgrade.

You may download the announcement here