11. November 2010 - 12. November 2010

Invitation to the Painful Heritage symposium – Cultural Landscapes of the Second World War


Through this symposium we seek to explore following three themes:

·         Landscapes of memory

·         The landscapes of the prisoners of war

·         The archaeology of nazi camps

You will find preliminary programme, practical information and further details on our website:

Painful Heritage is an interdisciplinary research project of NTNU Vitanskapsmuseet and Falstad Center, financed by The Research Council of Norway.

About The Falstad Centre

Falstad Memorial and Human Rights Centre in Levanger, Norway were established in 2000 as a national research and educational centre on the history of prisoners of Second World War.  The main activities of the centre are education, research and remembrance on the history of the Nazi Camps in Norway during WW II and education on Modern Human Rights Issues. The Centre is located on the grounds of the former SS-Lager Falstad, the second largest Prison Camp established in Occupied Norway between 1940 and 1945. More information on The Falstad Centre at



The Falstad Centre, 7624 Ekne, Norway


The Falstad Centre