8. Juni 2021 - 10. Juni 2021
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Konferenz ,,Jasenovac Past and Present''


Recent years have seen an increase in public debates and controversies concerning the Jasenovac camp complex, built in August 1941 after the establishment of the Independent State of Croatia (Nezavisna Država Hrvatska, NDH). Concurrently, scholars are fast approaching a consensus regarding life and death in the camp, while beginning to explore how its memory affects present-day societies in Serbia, Croatia and other parts of the former Yugoslavia.
The conference Jasenovac Past and Present: History and Memory of Institutionalised Destruction is scheduled for 24-27 March 2020 and will gather a team of international experts to examine the history and memory of Jasenovac by critically analysing an intricate web of connections transcending past and present. Scholars will revisit long-standing historical controversies and present new research findings, but also gain a better understanding of how the memory of the camp has changed over the years.
By connecting local history and memory with wider European trends, the conference will pave the way for increased research cooperation across national borders, while helping to situate Jasenovac more firmly in European consciousness as an important locality of the Holocaust. It will furthermore engage with media, policymakers, educators and the public at large, thus helping to counter the distortions and manipulations that continue to plague public debates and perceptions about the camp.
The various activities will take place during three consecutive days in Belgrade, Jasenovac and Zagreb in order to achieve the highest impact in the societies most affected by the painful heritage represented by Jasenovac. They will combine scientific panel discussions with several public events that seek to

  • increase knowledge about the state-of-the-art in terms of research
  • stimulate regional and wider international research cooperation
  • connect the history and memory of Jasenovac to broader European trends
  • inspire discussion about the camp in the public domain
  • raise awareness about manipulations, distortions and denial pertaining to Jasenovac

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Belgrad, Jasenovac, Zagreb


Hugo Valentin Centre