28. April 2010 - 1. Mai 2010
Tagung / Seminar / Workshop

Testimony and survival


Like no other, the 20th Century is characterized by the experience ofgenocide and mass murder. Those events have imprinted a deep mark onthe history of humanity but have also given rise to a new reflection aimingat understanding the experience of mass extermination. What then doesit mean to be the target of a plan to exterminate the group one belongsto? What it the condition of the survivor to such an event? Who is able tolisten to his testimony? Is it possible to prove such an experience? To whatdoes one bear witness to when undergoing the experience of ultimatelysubjection? Between specific perspectives and philosophical reflection,between singularity and epochality, the conference aims at delineatingthe both aporetical and inescapable figure of the witness in the ageof survival.


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International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Geneva


International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Geneva