21. April 2016 , 18:00 Uhr

The Jewish Experience and the Entangled Web of Orientalism


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,


gemeinsam mit dem Jüdischen Museum Berlin und dem Zentrum Jüdische Studien Berlin-Brandenburg laden wir Sie herzlich zu einem Vortrag von Steven Aschheim zum Thema The Jewish Experience and the Entangled Web of Orientalism ein.


21. April 2016, 18 Uhr



Zentrum Jüdische Studien Berlin-Brandenburg, Raum 0.01
Sophienstraße 22a
10178 Berlin


Much of the modern Jewish experience can be framed as one of multiple (and at times contradictory) negotiations with Orientalist and Occidentalist discourses that were constructed by, for and against the Jews. The Orientalist web was and remains a kind of all-enveloping thematic

in which nearly all the permutations of modern Jewish history have been played. This lecture will probe these entanglements and analyse not only their ironic and debilitating but also their creative moments from the Enlightenment through to its central role within present-day Israeli political reality.



is Emeritus Professor of History at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and held the Vigevani Chair of European Studies.

He also acted as the Director of the Franz Rosenzweig Research Centre for German Literature and Cultural History.


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Zentrum Jüdische Studien Berlin-Brandenburg, Raum 0.01, Sophienstraße 22a, 10178 Berlin