7. Mai 2017 - 11. Mai 2017
Tagung / Seminar / Workshop

The Second International Scholars Workshop Medicine in the Holocaust and Beyond


The Second International Scholars Workshop “Medicine in the Holocaust and Beyond” will take place on May 7-11, 2017 in the Galilee, Israel. The conference will be held at various venues including the Western Galilee College as the main venue, Galilee Medical Center for a one-day symposium, Bar-Ilan Faculty of Medicine in Safed for an education-focused day, and the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum.
Following the First International Scholars Workshop at the Center for Medicine after the Holocaust in Houston, in March 2015, there has been substantial collaboration and international cooperation for the development of the field.
The workshop organizers believe that the medical activity during the Nazi period poses a multidisciplinary challenge, which may contribute to a deeper understanding of core aspects of the Nazi period and the Holocaust as well as of its postwar implications right up to the present day.
The aim of the conference is to present new, up-to-date research on all aspects of medicine in the Holocaust and beyond, to discuss the research and education agenda in this field, and to promote international collaboration for advancing research, teaching, and the public discourse.



Call for papers (pdf)


Western Galilee, Israel