EHRI Geospatial Repository

European Holocaust Research Infrastructure
22. März 2024

By providing access to data about Holocaust-related places and spaces, the EHRI Geospatial Repository facilitates research driven by spatial and geographic approaches. It builds on the spatial turn in the field of Holocaust Studies: over the past years, the research in Holocaust geographies, as conducted by the Holocaust Geographies Collaborative and others, advanced new perspectives and methods. Thinking through place and space helps to formulate new questions and research projects.

The EHRI Geospatial Repository offers researchers, projects and organisations to

  • store and share geodata in a standard compliant, reusable way

  • search and explore datasets based on their metadata

  • use, download and combine datasets for mapping, data enrichment or spatial analysis

We also aim to avoid duplicating efforts when different institutions or projects gather similar types of spatial information, for instance, when cataloging archival collections or tracking the movements of Holocaust victims.

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